Homemade Bath Products in Pennsylvania

When you’re looking for all natural homemade bath products, it’s always best to go natural. At Joyce’s Gift Baskets and Country Crafts, we carry an extensive line of natural body care products, from lotions to soaps to body sprays. Each of our items is made with the best ingredients designed to care for your body and promote whole-body health.

Handmade soaps

You’ll be delighted by our handmade soaps made with the very best ingredients, including goat’s milk, shea butter, cocoa butter and oatmeal. Get clean, moisturize and exfoliate with natural, healthy ingredients in our line of fine handmade soaps.

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Oatmeal body scrub bars

Did you know that one of the best ingredients for your skin is one you likely have inside a kitchen cabinet? Oatmeal is an excellent way to keep your clean healthy and glowing. Visit Joyce’s Gift Baskets and Country Crafts to find a wonderful assortment of natural, homemade bath products in Pennsylvania.

Goat’s milk lotion

Keep your skin soft and supple with goat’s milk lotion. Goat’s milk is a unique ingredient that nourishes your skin without irritating it. We make sure to use only natural ingredients and sell only body care items that we believe in.

Lip balms

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and often one of the most ignored. Whether you’re exposed to cold wintery winds or the hot summer sun, your lips can dry out and crack. Keep them healthy and moisturized with our line of natural lip balms.


You’ll smell great with the natural body fragrances from Joyce’s Gift Baskets and Country Crafts. We have a wide variety of fragrant scents available and can even create custom fragrances through scent blending.

Gardener/mechanic’s hand scrub

When you work with your hands, they can get dirty, dry and cracked. Take care of those tired hands with our line of natural hand scrubs. These products are perfect for gardeners and mechanics and anyone else who works with their hands.

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or event products

Are you looking for a personalized gift, party favor, or fundraising item? At Joyce’s Gift Baskets and Country Crafts, we offer wholesale and customizable natural bath products great for events such as fundraisers, weddings, or baby showers. Call or message us today to discuss your event and we can customize the perfect party favor for you.

Natural Body Product Line

To inquire about our line of natural, homemade bath products and how to incorporate them and other handmade gifts into a celebratory or sympathy gift basket, contact us at 570-473-9425.

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