We are a family owned and operated business with a mission to provide quality products to our customers and make a difference in their lives. Our products first go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are up to our standards before releasing them on the shelf to ensure that they are a luxurious, high-quality product that you will seek more of. We take pride in all the products and use the finest eco-friendly ingredients to ensure a world-class natural product. With a vision to grow and impact as many lives as we can with all our products while remaining eco-friendly we strive to always be the best.

Joyce started the business in 1999 with gift baskets and then in 2014 Justin decided he would like to join the business his junior year of high school. Joyce and Justin had both worked in the business as he went through college and then after he had graduated college, they decided to start growing the business even more. As the bath line they had created under Joyce’s Gift Baskets & Country Crafts started to take off both in sales and new products that were requested by customers, this is when they decided they needed to make a name for their bath line and came up with Joyce & Justin’s Soap & Body. Justin liked to make the bath products and started to create his own scents and with being an avid outdoorsman, he came out with the dirt soap as he was tired of feeling like he took a chemical bath and had very dry skin after using the mainstream products to cover his scent but as they always do in business, him and some other people had to test the products until it was to the point of being perfected to release it to our customers. Eventually that turned into making the men’s line as well from him.

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